Avira antivirus personal

If  you do not have virus protection, your PC will be infected with malware in a matter of  minutes. Avira AntiVir Personal offers basic protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits,  adware, and spyware that have been tried and tested more than 100 million times worldwide. What's more, is available free-of-charge.  This not only protects  against this type of malware, but offers as well, in case of infection, the possibility of a virus that is very easy to remove and repair the system automatically.
Function: AntiVir stops all types of viruses; AntiAd / Spyware protects against adware and spyware; AntiRootkit detect hidden rootkits; QuickRemoval eliminate the virus by pressing a button; NetbookSupport support for computers with low resolution; AHeADTechnology detect even unknown viruses with their profile; there AviraSupport to you personally when questions arise.
  • Detects  and removes more than 150,000 viruses.
  • Always among the winners of comparison test is shown in the computer journal.
  • The resident Virus Guard serves to monitor file movements automatically, eg downloading of data from the Internet.
  • Scanning and repair of macro viruses.
  • Protection against macro viruses previously unknown.
  • Protection against trojans, worms, backdoors, jokes and other harmful programs.
  • AntiVir protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
  • Anti-dialers protection against expensive dialers.
  • Protection against rootkits hidden AntiRootkit.
  • AntiPhishing protection against phishing.
  • AntiSpyware protection against spyware and adware.
  • NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution.
  • QuickRemoval eliminate the virus by pressing the easy to operate
  • Internet-Update Wizard for easy updating.
  • Protection against viruses previously unknown boot record viruses and master boot record.
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