How to Take Care of the Persian cat and Equipment Needs.

How to Take Care of Persian Cats - Persian Cats is one of the favorites among cat lovers. Starting from acting funny, beautiful and dense fur, a cute nose shape, to make clear eyes like a cat lover. Especially if see Persian cat childhood. Persian cats including things tricky. You must know tips and how to care for your Persian cat in order to maintain the physical beauty and health of the Persian cat. Useless you buy a cat which is quite expensive if you do not know how to take care of him.

There is some equipment that must exist to support the beauty and health of the Persian cat, which are as follows:
  • Cages were kept clean.

  • Comb is useful for tidying up cat hair.

  • Tissue cat fur baby to make it smell nice and will not cause allergies because formula baby wipes are soft.

  • Eye tissue to clean the cat's eyes and the area around the nose because usually Persian cats often shed tears.

  • Eating and drinking places were clean.

  • The place is always clean dirt.

  • Assorted cat toy that looks active and not bored.
After learning some of the equipment needed by the Persian cat, now is the time we discuss about how to care for the Persian cat, which include:
  • Make sure the cage is clean, eating and drinking should be routinely cleaned every day.

  • Sand as a cat throw dirt should be washed with a disinfectant or disinfectant and dry to dry in the sun. Then fill the container again with clean sand.

  • Try 2 weeks Persian cat in bathing.

  • Try to be washed at least once a month with a special shampoo for cats that cat fur well maintained.

  • Always provide food and drinking water in the cage. Food and drinks should be sufficient nutrients needed for good shape and beautiful and shiny fur.

  • Note Persian cat food. Do not feed a Persian cat with food such as salted fish, salted fish because it can shed feathers. Because beauty lies in the beauty of the Persian cat feathers.

  • outine invite cats to play so that he looks active and agile.

  • Make a habit of basking in the morning for his health.

  • Once a month you should check the health of your cat to the vet, and consult in case the cat needs a vaccine.

  • Trim and Persian cat hair combed with a comb designed specifically for cats.
How to Take Care of Persian Cats Fur Long
  • With beautiful fur, Persian cats are very ideal to be our home pets. In addition, the face is also cute and very soft fur. However, this type of pet requires special care to create a healthy and beautiful feathers. But friends do not worry. Special care is not that difficult or expensive. Here are some tips that can be used as a basic guide for how to care for Persian cats:

  • Type cat with long fur is required to be combed daily with a special comb cats are usually always available in pet shops. How combing as this is the basis for fur care. Ability to care for the cat fur is very limited.
    Therefore, we help with this cat so special comb bristles remain neat and well groomed. Usually used comb is a comb of metal.
    Do not forget to wipe our cat fur by using wet wipes that are intended for infants. If lazy disposable wipes, use a cloth that is usually used for vehicles or chamois chamois as long as the new must.

  • If there are matted fur on the cat we never occasionally to pull it out. How plucking can cause injury to skin a cat. Try any of our scissors are matted fur with scissors.

  • If we keep these cats often shed tears, friends should not be surprised. Persian cats usually peaknose extreme types are often like this. So we just have to be diligent every morning and evening to clean the eyes so as not to become his crust section.

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