How to create links

To direct visitors to your site or blog we need a link.
For owners of blogs to be able to make this link is a must.

Below is how to create links and what are its functions.

1. Link opens in same windows.

<a href="http://address"> information </a>

Address and information can be changed according to your wishes.

example: <a href=""> click here <a/>

So the result: click here

2. Links open in new windows.

<a href="http://address"target="_blank"> information </ a>
Add target = "_blank after address

example: <a href=""target="_blank"> click here </ a>

So the result: click here

3. Title link will appear.

<a href="http://address"target="_blank"title="How to create links"> information </ a>

example: <a href=""target="_blank"title="How to create links">see here </ a>

So the result: see here

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