The visual ability of dogs

We all know the ability of dogs to be our eyes, as in the case of the wonderful guide dogs.

For many years, the saying goes that dogs do not see colors, they see in black and white, but this is not only not, if you actually have many more capabilities than humans.

Greater peripheral vision - Dog covers a larger field of view that we humans.
Approximately 245° and depending on the cranial morphology of each breed and individual.
For example, a greyhound can reach 270ยบ, while the peripheral vision of a bulldog would be similar to the human for its disposal.

Color vision-is said to have deuteranopia which is a type of color blindness.
Dogs can see in color because their blindness affects the red, they see yellow and green, which are gray.
Your eyesight gets the rest of hues as we know, I mean blue and yellow, although in slightly gray tones.

Vision adapted for hunting-This means that differentiate moving objects more easily than static objects or details.
It is said that a dog can recognize their human companion with the view from a mile away.

Night Vision-Possessing greater number of photoreceptors in the retina rods are more sensitive to light, so in low light conditions or near darkness the dog will be much more clever than we can even hunt effectively.