Creating a blog on blogger

If you want to create a blog, you can start to create a free blog at blogger with the domain:  Your
You only required to have a gmail account which then can be used to log into

The steps are as follows:
1. Make sure that you already have a gmail account.
2. Open your broser and write
3. Next, you can log in using your gmail account.
4. Then you will see the picture as follows:

  • Display name: Give the name, this is just to mark your posts.
  • Gender: select one of the male / femail / other.
  • Tick on the check list for Acceptance of Terms.
  • To continue click on continue.
5. Next you will see the picture as follows:

  • Blog title: Give the title of your blog.
  • Blog address (URL): Give name of the blog address that lets you access your blog.
  • Click on Check Availability: This is for mengcheck availability, maybe a name that you created using an existing. If already in use you can replace it with another name.
  • Next, you click continue to proceed.
6. Word Verification: write a character that appears.
  • Next, you click continue to proceed.
7. Choose a starter template.

  • You can change your template later, and even customize it with the Template Designer.
  • Then click continue.
8. Your blog has been created!

  • To get started you can click on the Start Bloggging.
9. From here you are able to start posting.

  • Title: For the title of your post.
  • The bottom is for posts that you want.

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