Tips on choosing a laptop

Maybe you want to buy a laptop, and you might be thinking about a laptop that how you want to buy.
Here are the things to consider in choosing and buying a laptop that suits your needs.

1. function

Processsor is the brain of a laptop to perform the process
computing. Processor strongly influence the course and magnitude of memory factor is also very important. Especially if using a Windows OS that eating lots of memory. We recommend that you first determine which laptop you buy will be used for anything. The following are some types of laptops based on its function:
  • Ultra Portable: For those of you who are highly mobile, laptop-sized species is small and very thin and very light, has a maximum 12-inch screen. The processor used is a power-efficient processors to be used as long as possible. such as the Intel Atom, Intel ULV or AMD Neo. Battery life for laptops of this type is very good, could reach more than 7 hours of operation without needing an electrical outlet. Of course, performance or computing capability is not a flagship feature of this type of laptop. Remember, laptops are typically not equipped with an optical drive.
  •  Portable: For normal everyday use. Is the type of laptops most suitable for most people. This type of laptop is a laptop that dominate the market today. Medium-sized and have a screen between 12-15 inches. Price range varies depending on the brand and the processor and other peripherals, using up the most expensive Intel Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom. Durability standard starting battery between 3-5 hours.
  • Desktop Replacement: Intended for gamers, graphic designers, or other jobs that require above average performance. Laptops are typically large, heavy, and has a screen measuring over 15 inches. Characteristic of this type of laptop is that there is a separate VGA card, not integrated. is to support the graphics capabilities that are needed by this type of laptop. Processors used only top-class processors such as Intel core 2 duo or intel core 2 quad, making its price becomes very expensive 
 2. brand

Selection of the brand is very important. In khasus Netbook (3 cell battery), compared with brand Acer / Samsung (6 cell battery lasting served until 6-8 hours).
Well-known brands like Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Dell, HP and others usually have a better quality of assembly
3. Operating System

Most laptops sold today, often including Microsoft Windows as the OS default. It is actually very harmful to consumers. You as the consumer has no choice but to OS. Laptops generally the same windows that bundling is not much price difference compared with no OS. Besides buying bundling its Windows usually partition the hard disk is only 1 partition aja. And if the data is exposed to the virus Kiata be difficult to install it.

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