Eliminating the line under the link

How to remove underline in html on ccs.
If you are blogger users you will see a link that you created has a line underneath. Actually the line below this link could be eliminated.
For those of you who want to eliminate a line under the link there are two ways you
can do.

1. The first way by adding the code.
Suppose you create a link like this:
<a href="http://chooses-product.blogspot.com/"> information </a>

If you want to without a line, add the code: style = "text-decoration: none"

Create article snippets of using read more

This is a new feature  for users of bloggers, where bloggers will make it easier for users to create read more. Previous user  must install a script on html code, but for the features that now you live determines the sentence where you want to cut and then point the mouse to jump break. Surely this is when Your posting must be in a position compose.

How to create links

To direct visitors to your site or blog we need a link.
For owners of blogs to be able to make this link is a must.

Below is how to create links and what are its functions.

1. Link opens in same windows.

<a href="http://address"> information </a>

Creating a blog on blogger

If you want to create a blog, you can start to create a free blog at blogger with the domain:  Your name.blogspot.com.
You only required to have a gmail account which then can be used to log into www.blogger.com

The steps are as follows:
1. Make sure that you already have a gmail account.
2. Open your broser and write www.blogger.com.
3. Next, you can log in using your gmail account.
4. Then you will see the picture as follows: