The Cavalier King Charles, noblest dog story

Here are some features of the famous and friendly Cavalier King Charles:

Character-The Cavalier is a noble and faithful dog, enjoy the company matched their human companion you will not want to do without too. If you're fortunate to have a Cavalier friend you have noticed that too never move away and if you do not take your eye will be over, because for him human company is a precious gift. Nor will it be appropriate to use as a Cavalier warning or guardian dog since his innate sympathy prevents it. It is because of this willingness to please and his good memory. You can say that sometimes too excited during walk with moving objects and is that believe it or not, this race was born to hunt before becoming lap dog and enjoy it so very entertaining dog toys.

Coat-The Cavalier soft hair can be in various shades. Chestnut tricolor white and brown, black and brown or whole, but not enter the standard may be many more varieties in the same tones. But its beautiful appearance is not coincidental and should mainly look after your diet, not neglecting a loving brushing, especially his ears.

Diet-The diet of this small dog, we can always use a specialist like Royal Canin Cavalier King Charles 27 Caring several crucial for the development and maintenance of this dog breed supply aspects. A feed as this contains many antioxidants, vitamins and unique minerals to improve, so important and characteristic in this breed heart health, also provides a croquette adapted to that flattened snout that gave the junction with the brachycephalic Pug, this in turn produces a satiating effect for the hungrier dog, and of course, this type of food also takes care of the beauty and quality of its coat so precious.

Associated pathologies-Although the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one based on the morphology of the race and this will give great strength and vivacity, this dog has genetic predisposition to heart disease, being these in a percentage higher than 40 % the cause of mortality of these children. Because of his stature and facial arrangement, be prone to eye problems such as hearing the other side, also having great likelihood of joint problems, hip dysplasia and syringomyelia, a disease that forms cysts in the spinal cord of the dog causing tremendous pain.

All singularities of the Cavalier King Charles were obtained from the crossing of only 6 types of dog, which is why the great likelihood of the same features and inherited diseases of their specific ancestors.

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