SEO For Domain To Compete in the SERP

When beginning you create a blog, you certainly have a purpose for you if you make a blog. Is your blog will you make it later as a farm business, online business, diary virtual world, or maybe just for sharing. All these objectives will determine and make the motivation for you to do a blog optimization blog so that you get visitors. Likewise, you must determine from where you will get visitors.

If you want a blog bustling with visitors and obtain unique visitors every day, of which target you are a search engine optimization (SEO). SEO you can do from the time of making the blog, whether using their own domain or subdomain. The determination of these two things important to determine whether the blog we'll be able to survive in the SERP.

Before discussing further, SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page or search results search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. A blog will be more lasting in the SERP if we really pay attention to SEO on the domain elements. To know this, you can make your own eskperimen to try to include some popular keywords in Google's search engine. After that you can see search results that appear in the first. Occupied by domains such as whether the usual.

From experiments and observations that we often do in the Google search results, domains that always appear in the top ten (top ten) of Google is the domain dot com (. Com) and then following the dot org (. Org) and also dot net (. Net ). Some of us may find that reigned in the starting position is a local domain, this is because you are using a local Google as a search engine. Because the domains like this will always appear on the domains that they use, for example local domain always appears in Google local. Different if we use other areas such as google Google us, then the domain that appears to also dot us (. Us).

From these conclusions, the overall domain dot com, dot org or dot net more international, which means that in all regions of this domain will always appear. Although the blog with a dot com domain we use the local language will be also appear in international google that in fact we know English. But this can not we make a benchmark because the search engines also depends on keywords used, whether using a local, English or other languages.

By knowing where the domains are able to penetrate the top 10 Google, then you can use this domain as domain dot com blog / website. With a dot com domain, you do not need extra effort in doing the optimization in order to appear on the first page of Google, when compared with using a domain other than dot com. Only a few optimization heading, title, alt tags, keyword density and you have been able to penetrate the first page of Google.

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