The most popular social network in 2014

We will see what the most popular social networking and also the most widely used around the world, especially to find out which social networks are most often used, we depend on the number of registered users per social network. The more registered users it means that the popular social network.

1. Facebook - 1.110 million

Mark Zuckerberg's social network is released to the public on February 4, 2004 9 years ago, which is the top of this list, and is currently translated into 70 languages. It has about 1,110 million registered users of which 600 million are mobile users.

2.Qzone - 600 million

In the second place, the Chinese social network was created in 2005 by Tencent, this allows the user to keep diaries, send photos to friends, listen to music, send pictures and also writes a blog, social network Qzone is the largest in the Asian countries, namely that from January 2009, Qzone and has 200 million users, and in September 2012 already has about 600 million users.

3. Twitter - 500 million

As we all know Twitter is based in San Francisco, California is a microblogging service but the same is considered as a social network. It was created in 2006 and since it was launched in July 2006, has gained a lot of popularity totally different from what we commonly used in social networking services.

4. Google+ - 500 million

In fourth place we have called Google's social network Google+ launched in late June 2011. The only entry requirement is a minimum age of 13, and although it still has 3 years of age, social networking is rapidly becoming the third most popular in the world with about 500 million users.

5. Sina Weibo - 268 million

Sina Weibo is the Twitter of China, which was launched by SINA Corporation on August 14, 2009. It is used by nearly 30 % of users in China.

6. Habbo - 230 million

Habbo run by Sulake is a social network aimed at children and teenagers, registration is free. Having a room where every user can chat, have a text messaging between friends and groups.
This service was launched in 2000, and has expanded to 31 countries in 20 different languages, recorded new users are joining more than 75,000 per month and more than 9.5 million unique visitors per month, and in total has more than 230 million registered users.

7. LinkedIn - 238 million

LinkedIn is a social network set in the world of work, was founded in 2002 and opened to the public in 2003, today LinkedIn now has more than 238 million registered in more than 200 countries.

8. VK - 228 million

VK or Vkontakte was created in 2006 by Pavel Durov, the second is the social network of the most widely used and popular in Europe, especially in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Israel, and is available in 70 languages. VK allows users to send public messages, create pages or groups, upload videos or photos and games.
Currently has more than 228 million registered users and more than 100 million active users.

9. Renren - 160 million

Renren is headquartered in Beijing, China, is a social network in China and dubbed "The Chinese copy of Facebook" is very popular among students in the country in February 2011, Renren public already has 160 million and has more than 31 million active members monthly.

10. Flickr - 87 million

At number ten we find Flickr was created in 2004 by Ludicorp and a year later acquired by Yahoo, which is a network that allows users to share and upload photos and videos.

Most social network with over 100 million users have created in the United States, but the Chinese social networks are gaining users quickly, especially thanks to the users and local content. The social network Qzone and Tencent Weibo, above, created by Trencent, the biggest online information portal of China.

Facebook, though still the largest social network in the world , seems to be losing interest among young users, who prefer a more visual platforms like Pinterest. Twitter has also grown but progressive. However, American companies are still unable to find a business model that eradicates losses. Advertising is one of the main channels of funding, which this year will reach 1000 million.

In 2014 Google Plus may be increasingly popular. The search engine is to increase the social network in terms of position and better in general, including the interface. The company already knew to be the social network giant American and users are increasingly inclined to try it. However, in terms of using Google Plus still scramble the low numbers. In this case, the social network users use an average of 6 minutes and 47 seconds per month according to Mashable.

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