Tips on How to Take Care of and Train a Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are known for its unique appearance, unlike the others, this cat is also famous for its hospitality and the voice is different from other cats, Siamese cats where it can make a sound with a wide variety of sounds.

Siamese cats are clever and can be trained to be better, Siamese cats can be trained, for example using a special box when urinating, so the cat is no longer defecate or urinate everywhere. Siamese cats can also be trained to not spitting place at home, in short this cat can be trained to be better, so in this article we will discuss about tips and how to train the Siamese cat.

Here's How to Take Care of and Train a Siamese Cat:

1. Set time eating cat at the same time, so that the cat can throw feces with discipline. Thus can also arrange the cats become better digestion.

2. If your cat shows signs that he will urinate or defecate, immediately take it to the place or defecation box . Let the cat get used to the box.

3. Pay attention to your cat when stools, cover the finished stools stool and urine by using its own claws, so that he became familiar with such circumstances. Always make your cat defecates like this at every opportunity, let your Siamese cat to use the box as a toilet training.

4. Treat your cat like a child, if your cat start defecating or urinating in place, give him some kind of reward the good food or good treatment.

5. Often play with your cat, at least take your time about 30 minutes a day to play at your pet cat, it will keep your cat to do destructive.

6. Provide a place to scratch and play for him, when you go out or are not home.

So little info on how to train your Siamese cat into a good cat.

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