Easy Way to increase blog traffic

Here I want to share some tips with you, how to increase of traffic to your blog or web site the easy way.

When you first create a blog will show up in your mind, for what this blog is created. Maybe at first just a fad or a hobby. But as time goes by you may want more than that.

Anyone would know about the development of the current blog. Many out there are beginning to create a blog just for fun, then just to the more serious. They set up a blog is not just a hobby, they deliberately create a website to supplement their income, can even exceed their revenue outside the blog.

Many ways and tricks are performed to generate money through a blog. What exactly they did before. They need traffic. High traffic for them is more revenue.

I have some tip that I think is the easiest way to increase blog traffic.

1. Update.
Updating your blog with useful content, so that visitors want to return again and forward to new content.

2. Keywords.
Create keywords that are relevant to your conten. Do not make excessive keywords, as Google does not like and could considered spam so it does not show up in the search engines.

3. Add the RSS feed link.
In order that visitors can find the latest content, you can add a link to your blog RSS feed.

4. Submit your blog to various search engines.
In general, search engines have tool to send a blog. You can send a link to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, so search engines will crawl on the blog page. because search engines are a great way to increase blog traffic.

Make sure you leave your blog URL address in the comment. Leave a comment, which means that might invite people to click on your link to find out more.

6. Submitting articles to the social bookmarking site.
Spend a little time you submit your articles to social sites such as Digg, Reddit. Submit an article the best.

7. Add some tags.
Tag-shaped links are easily found by search engines. Additional tags can be also called a keyword, so that your blog has a chance to appear in search engines.

8. Visits to the forum.
Find great community to participate in the forum. If the forum can leave links, do not forget to leave your blog URL address.

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