How to stimulate appetite in children

Before serving food to children, you should consider a few tricks that can improve your child's eating habits, so that more increases appetite.

The first thing to do is to make the food look attractive in the eyes of your child. For example, make food in the shape of animals, faces, character kids, colorful flowers and other figures. Vegetables prepared in different ways can help you achieve this goal.

Another creative way to get your kids to eat more, which involve them in the preparation of food what they eat and decorate their plates.

One idea is to let them experience working with food, unless you want to let them eat with cutlery, touching food with their hands, so that you can experiment with their senses and eat without blemish.

It can also serve to offer your child a variety of foods to choose what he likes, and do not feel pressured and decrease anxiety mealtime.

With these tips you can ensure your child will be more motivated to eat.

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