How to Take Care of Angora Cats With Both

How to care for a good Angora cats are different depending on each individual who maintains this beautiful cat. However, generally speaking you could say relatively the same, namely about the cleanliness of the cat and the cage, food menu, and the last vaccination.
Caring for Angora cats could say almost the same as taking care of the cats of other races fluffy longhair and semi-longhair. But of course will be slightly different than caring for short-haired cats or domestic cats. How do angora cats?
Here are some how to care for Angora cat:

how to care for Angora cat

1. Get used to eating eating dry cat food (dry food) since childhood due to canned cat food (wet food) is not good for the long-term health of the cat. In addition, it is better not to try to give other than cat food food like fish, chicken, or other animal foods because these foods tend to interfere with the growth of angora cat fur

2. For its portion, you can feed him 3 times a day with a full dose of fatherly servings 1 serving of adult cats . Or you can see for yourself the recommended dosage on the pack you buy cat food is.
3. Give a drink of water which is quite mature enough. Members do not often milk and milk should not be given to humans.

4. Make sure the cage size according to the size of her body. For example, you've angora cat weighing 4 pounds, then you can use a cage measuring 90 x 63 x 65 cm. Good enclosure is made ​​of aluminum,so it does not rust, and the width of the bars so that good air circulation.

5. Clean sand box every day and wash the cage once a week and spray with disinfectant.

6. After a 3 -month -old cat vaccinations immediately doing. Just follow the doctor's advice to perform any vaccinations. Usually the doctor will require 3 times vaccination, while their annual call" not compulsory".

7. You need to bathe at least 2 weeks or once a week is also better to keep it clean. Comb once a day so that the fur is not matted fur.

Those are some brief tips on how to care for Angora cat.

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