some important terms in using the internet

On this occasion, I will give you some terms that are often used in internet use. This may be useful for you. When you feel as a beginner in the online world, then you must learn all the things that have anything to do with the internet. For those who have long been familiar with the Internet, it may be used and have memorized and understand, but for those of you who are new on the internet, will definitely benefit.

some important terms in the internet:

1. Chatting
Chat online. You could say that. Activities chat allows you to communicate with other Internet users who are both online . One example yahoo messenger or often abbreviated YM.

2. password
Easy understanding of the password is the key word. Password typically consists of a combination of a few letters or numbers confidential. Be careful in making and storing the password you created to minimize unwanted events, such hacked. Should make a combination of complicated passwords that are not easily penetrated others.

3. Bandwidth or broadband
Definition of bandwidth is a measure that indicates the capacity of a network data transfer.

4. Upload
Understanding the process of uploading the data is uploaded from your computer to the internet. For example, you can upload your photos to the internet.

5. Download
Upload and download it like two brothers. Download is the opposite of upload. Understanding the process of downloading is downloading or retrieval of data from the internet to be stored in a computer. So, when you're taking a file from the internet, then you're doing the download process.

6. login
Login is the process of entering into a web page. It usually requires a password login process.

7. Logout
Logout is the process out of a web page. So, is the opposite of login logout.

8. browser
A browser is a program used to explore the world of the Internet. With the browser, then you can open web pages from all over the world on the internet. Examples of the browser is mozilla firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, opera and so on.

9. Offline
Understanding offline is our computer in a state not connected to the internet.

10. online
The opposite of offline, online understanding is the state of our computer connected to the Internet.

11. Sign up
Signing up is a process of registration / listing. For example, when you do not have a facebook account, then you must sign up to be able to join facebook and enjoy all the features offered facebook. Usually the sign up process involves an email.

12. email
Email is short for electronic mail, or if in Indonesian called electronic mail. The function of the email is to send messages through the Internet or mail.

Well, that's a bit of important terms in the internet that may not yet know. The more knowledge you have about all things related to the world of the Internet, then you will be more smooth in the surf.

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