How to insert image in Microsoft Word

How to insert image in Microsoft Word is actually quite easy. As we know that the function of an image is very important. A picture is able to represent so many words. For decoration purposes and for other explanations, the image is one good option to facilitate an understanding. Likewise, when you're typing a document in MS Word, surely you will often need images to be inserted into your writing.

Inserting an image in Microsoft Word is not so difficult. You just need a few clicks to do so. On this occasion, I use the program Microsoft Word 2010. For MS Word output next year does not seem much different from the composition of the menu.

Here's how to insert pictures in Microsoft Word:
1. Click / select the Insert menu.

2. Click / select the picture

3. Will appear browse, find the image that you have saved earlier in the drive of your computer or laptop.

4. Click / select the image you want to insert.

5. Select the insert.

6. Image has been successfully entered.

6. completed

That little tips on how to insert the image on Microsoft word. Hopefully these simple tips can help you who do not know.

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