how to overcome hang on a computer program

Ever been confused with the condition of the computer hangs? typically occurs presence often hangs on a program that is running on the computer. It is natural to happen, sometimes we unconsciously too many open lots of programs simultaneously, especially if the program is opened quite heavy. This can lead to crashes, hangs and becomes heavy computer can not even respond at all.

If traced, the real cause of hangs on a program that is running can be caused by many factors. In general, computer's health condition sometimes you also need to be questioned. Are you sure your computer is not infected? because, it could be the culprit virus hangs occurrence. Therefore, it is essential to install anti-virus.

How do I deal hangs on a computer program? who knows this discussion can help solve your problem.

1. For precautionary measures, try not to open a lot of programs simultaneously. Factor computer specs are also very influential. If you have computer specifications relatively cool, in the sense of having a large memory, large hard drive, super fast processor and so forth, may not be overly burdensome work your computer when opening lots of programs at once. However, if your computer specifications is less, ya better open only reasonable course, not many programs open simultaneously. This could prevent hangs on running programs.

2. If it already occurred hangs, try to open "task manager". It can be used to shut down running programs forcibly. Whether it's a program that hangs or not to hang. Try it, how?

Right click on your windows start menu taskbar. Later select only start the task manager. will appear a list of what programs are running. Well, your task is to choose the program you want to close, then click End Task. Easy is not it? program error / hangs would soon be resolved / closed.

Typically, the program will display a description hangs "not responding" in the task manager. However, sometimes difficult to open the task manager for the computer you really do not respond. the solution is to press the "Ctrl + Alt + Del" simultaneously. With this order, the Task Manager will appear and allow you to close the program hangs.

3. If it is still stubborn and can not bring up the task manager because it hangs is severe, try restarting your computer by pressing the restart button is available. Usually adjacent to the power button on cashing. After the restart all will be normal again.


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