Countries who often visited tourist

Some countries frequently visited by foreign tourists with a variety of goals that you can see here. Maybe it could be a consideration for those of you who want to decide to vacation in the country where the destination.

1. France

France is a developed country, with the sixth largest economy in the world. Receive 82 million foreign tourists per year. The Eiffel Tower is one of the locations of interest. France is a founding member of the European Union, and has the largest territory of all members.

2. Spain

In this country there are many interesting tourist destinations which include the building of the Ottoman Islamic civilization which is located in Granada and foremost is the show matador.

3. Italy

Roma in particular is an attractive tourist destination in mainland Europe. Italy is also the birthplace of the Renaissance, the intellectual movement which is important in shaping the thinking of Europeans.

   4. English

Old castles and modern tourist destination there are many in the UK. The story of the King and Queen families who inhabit the castle or the royal palace is an attraction for the tourists.

5. Turkey

Turkish culture is a mixture of Eastern and Western culture is very unique. The country is growing because of the strategic region.

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